Atlantic Hideaway

Bonefish don’t play dice with their livelihood and a productive flat that is riddled with worm, shrimp and crab burrows, is placed on any successful bonefish’s monthly or weekly dining schedule. Of course, the predators are privy to this schedule too and the flats on which bonefish feed are a war zone. Sharks and ‘cudas dog every move made by these nervous schools of wary bonefish. It is for this reason that bonefish are also so very unpredictable. Marauding sharks and barracudas and even osprey and dolphin, learn these predictable patterns of bonefish movement just as well as the best of the local guides. In the remote and vast regions of the southern Bahamas, finding these wandering fish can be, at times, quite a challenge. In certain areas, the habitat can be so extensive, so seemingly unlimited, that locating bonefish can be difficult among the miles and miles of shimmering white sand flats.

In the Bahamas, Long Island is nestled in the southern reaches of this bonefish-rich nation, and for the traveling angler, this island is unique. Long Island is an unusual combination of huge, hard-bottomed, white sand flats, coral sand dikes and mangrove cays all laced with deep, pale blue or azure channels. The long abandoned “Diamond Crystal” salt salinas are a fine example of natural habitat reclamation and now serve as a perfect nursery to prolific numbers of two to four pound bonefish. Vast in scope, this area, near the settlement of Deadman’s Cay, is a huge labyrinth of creeks connecting miles of hard-packed sand flats... perfect for the wading fisherman. Tidal flows predictably bring in fresh ocean water, which nourishes the many worms, clams, crabs and baitfish that attract large schools of bonefish. Moving through these channels and up onto the flats, the fish gorge themselves in the relative protection of this sheltered area.

For the avid bonefisherman, especially for those anglers seeking lots of shots at fish, this is a jackpot of tailing and cruising bonefish. On the right tide, the fishing is usually fast and furious with only short pauses between casts… the perfect situation for those anglers seeking to gain a lot of experience in a short time with these legendary gamefish. Long Island also has good populations of larger bonefish, usually found on the “outside” flats where the havens of deep water and coral reefs are found. While fewer in number, these bigger fish will, in their bid for freedom, test both your mettle and the quality of your reel’s drag system. The blending of these two geographical areas (interior salt ponds and exterior more oceanic flats) allows the itinerant angler two delightful options: stalking classic deeper water flats for large singles and doubles or wading the shallow salinas looking for a sea of silver tails in the hot Bahamian sun.

The best place to headquarter yourself to access this fantastic fishery is located on a high bluff on the ocean side of Long Island near Deadman’s Cay. The Atlantic Hideaway is a brand new lodge featuring large air-conditioned rooms complete with satellite T.V. and private baths. A short walk down a path reveals a beautiful blue grotto protected from the ocean’s swells by a line of small barrier islands. This bay is shallow, sheltered and perfect for an early evening swim after a long hot day on the flats. Tastefully adjoined to the Hideaway is a large dining area with a very well-stocked bar. An excellent local chef serves piping hot meals featuring fresh crawfish (lobster), grouper, snapper, conch, chops, chicken and the famous local mutton. Each delicious entree is served in large portions with classic Bahamian seasonings. Breakfast and lunch are also plentiful and excellent. Your hosts will see to it that you do not go hungry under their watchful eye.

Great guides, including the well respected Cartwright Brothers, will fulfill your fishing expectations with long fishing days aboard quality Rahming flats skiffs. These guides have a distinguished reputation on Long Island and their knowledge and understanding of the complex tidal workings in the salinas and exterior flats are outstanding.

Hosting only six anglers a week, Atlantic Hideaway is a small intimate lodge that may be inexpensive, but doesn’t skimp on the essentials dedicated anglers require such as great food, comfortable accommodations, friendly service and first and foremost, great fishing opportunities. The Hideaway is a great “new” addition to our budget-bonefishing program and allows anglers to visit this fantastic area at a very affordable price.

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There are Bahamasair flights into Deadman’s Cay each day of the week. Please check with your travel agent or with Bahamasair for exact schedules. Also, please make sure you reconfirm departure times periodically as Bahamasair often changes its schedules. We can also arrange charter service to Long Island and groups may wish to consider this option.

These out-islands flights do not always run exactly on schedule and are frequently subject to changes. Please leave plenty of time between connections, especially on your return flight. Also, listen closely to the flight announcements while in Nassau. Bahamasair is often difficult to understand when flights are announced. If in doubt, it is best to ask Bahamasair personnel.

Beer and liquor is available to some degree on each island. If you want a specific brand or blend, it is best to bring it with you. There is no tackle available on any of the out-islands; please make sure you bring everything you need.

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