Great Inagua Testimonials
Inagua Outback Lodge opened in May 2013

"Hi Vince, Thanks for your email. We are on our way back from Inagua. We had a great time there, exploring miles of unspoiled pink and white sand beaches. We've stopped counting the number of fishes that we landed after Day 2 :) Overall - a typical day would include a dozens of bonefishes each + a few trigger fishes and/or barracudas.   Henry Nixon was a great host and he took good care of us.  The catering was excellent too, but we were missing fruits and vegetables - which seem to be rare and very expensive in Inagua. The location and the comfort of the ocean villa were another plus point of our trip. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay in Inagua and learned a ton of things that we will make our next trip more productive. Happy to elaborate on some insights if you want to hear more. Please let me know if you would like to receive some pictures too."

                                                                                         François Gilson-June 2022

"Hi Vince, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, we’ve been on the move. We had a great time in Inagua. We drove to Florida and flew out of here. The trip down and back was smooth. Also, the Orange Hill was a nice stopover.  We met and got to know maybe a dozen different people. Really wonderful people, that may have been the best part. The wives loved the place. They even got Henry to loosen up. He treated us well, and can that guy cook. That was a real surprise. His helper was a guy named Chad, and he was terrific. We asked him if he could catch us some lobster for dinner, and the pic is what he came back with. Biggest lobster I have ever seen. We really enjoyed this trip. Thanks again for the good prep work. Let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know."

                                                                                        John Albright--April 2022

"Hi Vince, I keep forgetting to send you a note about our trip to Grand Inagua in April. As a bucket list trip, nothing disappointed, weather was great, and the views were unforgettable.  The accommodations were great and more than I expected. Henry is a great guy. Eddy was all about getting us on fish. Newbys to bones, we figured it out and enjoyed the catching and not catching equally. I fished the light house and while I didn't hook up I saw the most amazing giant bones swim between my feet. Henry is a good cook and we totally enjoyed their great hospitality. Dad caught his fish of a lifetime on the Northside, landing a huge barracuda spinfishing my cuda fly!!   Thanks for all your help. I plan to get there again. I have pics if you'd like a few.   Tite lines."
Paul Williamson-Spring 2018

"Good evening Vince. Our group had a wonderful time on the trip. I must say that Henry and Eddie were amazing guys and amazing cooks. They made us feel comfortable and right at home I couldn’t say enough good things about them. The weather was perfect and the adventure was great.  We will return sometime just for the friendship that we made with Henry and Eddie."     
 JoAnne-May 2018

"Vince, We enjoyed our trip to Outback very much. We thought Henry and Eddy were great. The accommodations were more than we expected and the food was awesome. We also really enjoyed Bob and Jill, our fellow anglers.  Like any DIY first time destination it takes a while to learn somethings in order to be effective. We found some exciting opportunities late in the game but really didn’t have the time to take advantage of them.  We really enjoyed the “birding” as well!  All in all it was great and Henry was a wonderful host. We were amazed at what he has created in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. The location really added to the appeal from our point of view.  Hope to try it again soon.  Thanks, Jim."
          Jim Hoppe--April 2018

"Hello Vince!  Home from GI. Had a great time. Fishing was good, birding was good. First three days the weather was really nice, then it got windy and surprisingly cold. Caught between a few and eight bonefish each day. Some nice fish in the 6/7 lb range. Hooked but did not land some of those big barracuda and had good shots at but did not hook up with any permit. Favorite spots were Haitian Flat, Flat 9, the creek system east of the lodge and the flat out in front of the Blue House near the lighthouse. We heading out driving four days and out in the kayak to the creek three days. Henry is a good cook and the meals were fine."
Mike Bolte--March 2019

"Vince, The trip was really great.  What a totally awesome place in the world!  I wouldn't have changed a single thing. Henry, his crew, and the place were all top notch.  We had great bonefishing in a bunch of spots--including the creek down south, the south-side ocean flats, and the lagoon up north. There were cudas and triggers just about everywhere we went.  The poons were pretty localized, but we managed to get them a bit dialed in by the end.  We covered tons of ground both by paddle and on foot. Man, you could explore that place for years and not see all of it--as I'm sure you know!  One week just flies by down there.  How is March/April looking for next year?  I'd love to get a week booked asap.  Thanks again, Vince.  It's a cool program you're running. Happy to give more input if you want it."

                                                                                                      Tom Rapone-Spring 2017 Great Inagua

"Thanks for the note I just got back after spending a few nights at the Atlantis with my wife.  The guys and I had an excellent time at Outback Lodge.  Some of the highlights include the hospitality Henry and Steady Eddie were spectacular and could have not been more kind and hospitable.  The lodge itself exceed our expectations as you have no idea what to expect.  The location was fantastic as it was nice to be away form people not that it hard on Inagua.  The meals were better that you could get at most restaurants and as promise the conch salad was off the charts.  We all caught fish and for some it was the first bones ever caught on a fly which definably made them understand the allure.  John and David had a day in the creek that Henry will never forget they must have seen a thousand bones in schools in access of a couple hundred.  We caught a couple of tarpon and had some of the funniest stories trying to catch them by the shore in tarpon alley.  I think you will see us again in the future as everyone had a good time."  
Mike Boland--Spring 2016

"Vince, Regarding Inagua - kick ass trip - I keep thinking about going back before summer but life in Traverse City is just too good from mid April on to leave.  But count me in for next year.  Have a great spring.  Thanks again."
Jeff Kroeger--Traverse City, MI--Spring 2016

"Hi Vince, We got back from Henry Hugh’s Outback Lodge around 3 am Saturday morning.  Our final leg (MIA-BDL) took off almost 2 hrs. late.  But, that did nothing to diminish our good vibes after a really fine week on the island.  The arrangements worked seamlessly, from initial meeting at the airport to the drop-off, every step of every day went pretty much according to schedule, and when we deviated it was still good.  The meals were consistently way above average: Henry made sure we were well fed and with the best cracked conch or whatever else he’d planned for the entrees.  Breakfasts were full of protein (eggs, grits, bacon, spam, tuna salad, toast, etc.), lunch sandwiches were thick and tasty, and when he served up conch ceviche or fritters with our cocktails it was simply the best.

Fishing was good: Dave & Josh did very well on the bonefish (Stan & I lagged well behind, but that was not due to a lack of fish), and I don’t have to tell you that Jim caught his share.  Henry spent one day with us at the Creek System, and we had a wonderful time and hooked up a 4 foot barracuda & a jack on our way into the flats as a little frosting on the cake.  The number of flats we were able to cover (Palm Tree, NW Lagoon, Church Flat, Haitian Boat, and what we nicknamed Bo Derek, as well as the number of spots inside the Creek System) were each unique and all had fish.

I want to thank you for setting all of this up.  I’ve been checking out your web-site for a couple of years, and now I’ve been able to experience what you’ve been promoting.  It’s even better than I’d imagined.  I hope someday I get a chance to thank you in person.  Thanks, again, Vince, & Cheers, Kevin."

Kevin Grennan--Hadley, MA--Spring 2016

"Vince, It is great to be home but I have to say I had a great time on my trip to Inagua Outback Lodge. Henry Hugh is a remarkable man. The amount of work he puts in on any given day is unbelievable. The food he fixes given the challenges he has with fresh ingredients is remarkable.  One of my personal favorite people is Eddie. I really enjoyed our long rides with equally long conversations on all kinds of subjects from politics to the history of Great Inagua.  The fishing was good not great but it is fishing. I personally caught fish especially in the creek area. And I know everyone in our group caught fish.  Bottom line Inagua is a beautiful place to fish and I look forward to going back and will. I want to also thank you for all you help and guidance for us getting ready for the trip. I look forward to meeting and fishing with you in the future.  Thank you very much for everything.Tight lines."

    Ed Parsons-Spring 2016

"Hi Vince, the trip to great inagua was everything that I!  Both Henry and Eddie were very gracious and I feel that I made two good friends, especially Eddie and I; we shared some thoughts that went beyond fishing and like old guys that we r, had a few laughs.  Henry is a hell of a cook and great story teller. Both his knowledge of the island and daily rhythm of fishing as well as Eddie 's put us into fish all the time. We got into bones, jacks, 'cudas, snappers, u name it. The bone hunting in particular was primo.  Below I'm sending u pics. Btw, don't let Cindy's fingernails being color coordinated w the fish fool u, she out fished us all! (See pics below)"
                  Eli Barlia--Matamora, MI--Spring 2016

"Hey Vince, Just a quick trip report, my group had a great trip. Everyone caught lots of fish and did as much exploring as possible. The weather was perfect with only one day with winds over 15 mph winds.
Henry is a good host we had fun with him.  Anyway thanks for everything  and I'm sure we will be talking to you again for a return visit."
Jeff Patricca--Warren, MI--Spring 2016

"Thanks Vince, We really had a great time!  Henry is fantastic and the island is really something else.  I landed 8 bones and hooked and played several others for a while and caught several other species of interesting fish.  A jack, small grouper, of course some lady fish, a 3 foot needle fish, hooked and played a very large trigger for a couple minutes before it sheered my line.  Carrie caught a couple nice bones.  Having never done any salt water fly fishing before, it felt pretty satisfying to figure things out more and more over the week.  Small numbers, but great adventure! "
Sam & carrie Lababidi--Boulder CO

"Vince, Thank you for setting up this trip! Chris and I had a great time Henry was a great host who made our stay memorable. He was attentive to everyone's needs and very thoughtful. The fishing was very good everyone got fish and we saw lots of bones and I managed one tarpon at the canal inlet down from the Pump Station.  We also had one day with Nicki for bone fish at the creek east of the lodge. He was great and was especially thoughtful for Chris and Carla on one deep flat by pushing the boat around to find fish as it was a bit deep for them to wade. Chris and I would very much like to return to IOL next May ."

Jeff & Chris Plant--Cornish Flat, NH

"l'll just say it was a great trip.  I learned a lot, caught some nice fish and enjoyed the lodge.  I was looking for something off the beaten path and the outback lodge certainly filled the bill.  Henry was a great host and a great guide to the flats."
John Andrew--Arlington, VA

"Vince, thanks so much for arranging our trip to Great Inagua. I have never been in a place with the quality and the diversity of the fishing we found there. I’ve never been to a place where you can drive to a really quality bonefish flat, cast to big tailing fish, and then drive 15 minutes to another spot and have a great chance of hooking a Tarpon fishing from shore. Add in the big jacks, ladyfish, triggerfish and the snook I hooked but didn’t land (next time!) and you have an incredible trip. We spent a full week and left feeling like we barely scratched the surface.
The accommodations, especially given the remoteness of the location, were great. The rooms were clean and comfortable, the AC was cold, the wireless worked and the food was tasty and plentiful. Easily the highlight of the really good food was Henry’s conch salad, made with conch he pulled from the water a couple hours earlier. Henry is a great host and a great guide."
                                                                                                                  Sam Luebke--Washington, DC

"Hey Vince, Thanks for setting us up with Henry Hugh and Inagua Outback Lodge. We had an epic week of fishing with good weather, great food and accommodations. Henry cheerfully adapted to our schedule and provided everything we needed. He also swiftly came to the rescue when two of our group got the Bronco stuck in the sand near the Lighthouse Flat. He was also knowledgeable about when and where to fish and freely offered useful advice when asked. I n short, I enjoyed Henry Hugh very much and I was more than satisfied with Inagua Outback Lodge.   We caught more than enough Bones to satisfy anyone, along with some Tarpon, large Cudas, Ladyfish and several other species."
Dave Eaton--Calgary, Alberta

"Vince, My wife and I had an excellent time in Great Inagua. We enjoyed every moment of it, although I would expect you to arrange for slightly better weather another time!  Let me say that Jim really made this trip. He was the perfect host, a font of information and excellent company. The fishing was all that was promised and I especially appreciated the variety of locations and fishing opportunities on the island. Lastly, let me say that Henry Hugh operates a great lodge and is great company. All in all, a great experience."
                                                                                                     Trevor and Elaine Drew--Montreal, Canada

"Vince, It was a good trip. We had a great time, and caught fish every day. I think we barely scratched the surface of what the place has to offer.  Henry and Rosie took good care of us, and I'd like to come back for more. Thanks!"
John McCall--New York, NY

"Hi Vince, A few shots from our trip.  We had a top trip and Henry Hugh what a top host and boy that man can cook!  We were into fish from the first afternoon till last afternoon."
Eugene Pawlowski--Austrailia

"Vince - Inagua was great!  This was my first salt experience and I could not have asked for a better trip.  We actually stayed a few days longer and took the Friday flight home.  Everything at Henry's was awesome, especially the food and he went above and beyond to help us with everything we needed.
Fishing was a 10+, blew away any expectations I had.  We concentrated on the lake and creek system.  That creek system is amazing, in the back on the hard bottom we landed 33 bones in 3 hours one day.      
Other highlights include seeing a turtle in the back of the creek and twice in the same day having a 8' and 5' shark aggressively swim at the kayak, I actually hit the 5' on the head with the paddle.   
Exceptional trip on every level,  I really enjoyed the freedom of the place as well.   Thanks!"

                   Matt Winkler -Thornton, CO

"Vince, I just want to say that the trip to Great Inagua was one of the best Bahamas trips I've ever been on. This was number ten for me ,and the trip was a ten. The acomidations at Henry's were great, along with his home made cuisine. The fishing is some of the most diverse types for different species. Wading flats for bones, to Lake fishing for tarpon, to troling a fly for cudas. The average size of the bones were some of the biggest I've seen.  I also caught the biggest bone of my life. I would highly recommend Great Inagua to any diehard saltwater fisherman. Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime!"
 Andy Astour--Marcy N.Y.

"Go ahead...mention Inagua to your non-fishing friends. i bet they'll  wrinkle a brow and say they've never heard of it, or they'll ask if it's somewhere around Africa. Even most fishermen don't know it is the 
southern-most and third largest bahama island...about 45 miles east of Cuba. I suspect it won't be long before serious flyfishermen find it among the their preferred bonefish destinations.  It's probably an 
acquired taste and a tougher do it yourself venue than other of the islands simply because of its rugged and primitive road system that makes travel slow going and a bit jarring. Still, on the whole, the 
bonefish are larger and more plentiful than I encountered on either Acklins or South Andros.

I traveled alone to Inagua in February, accepting the suggestion of Vince Tobia. owner and operator of Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters, that I would like the fishing there. Vince has been fishing in the islands for 
a good while.  I trust his advice, as I do Rod' I gave it a go for 10 days. He didn't steer me wrong.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  I stayed at Henry Hugh's Inagua Outback Lodge. Very comfortable accommodations in a beautiful setting. Oceanfront and just spectacular for those who enjoy solitude. Literally, it's at the end of the road and there are no neighbors. The location on the southeast coast 
is about an hour drive from the only town on the island, so there are no quick runs to the beer store. The drive is over the worst road I have encountered in the islands. unpaved, sandy, rocky, bumpy, potholed, 
twisting.  a bit tiring after the first few times of traveling any distance. Power at Henry's place is supplied by a generator from evening to morning. The inverter on the solar and wind power system was out 
while I was there, but that wasn't a problem as I was gone fishing everyday all day. The one cabin will sleep two comfortably.  It has air conditioning, wi-fi, and a satellite tv. Henry says he is building a 
second cabin, but he intends to stop there as he likes the small, intimate atmosphere unencumbered by too many demands on him as a host.   Henry is a splendid host and cook, and he goes out of his way to insure his guests are well cared for. He provides three good meals a day, and he doesn't skimp on portions or variety. He also pours a decent drink!  Bacardi Anejo is his favorite. Vince was candid about the's not for everyone, especially those needing the "ambiance" of the typical upscale flyfish lodges. Frankly, I found it a fresh and charming place...very relaxing and easy to settle in to once there.  well...the cool cistern water showers (no hot water) take a bit of getting used to, but even that became refreshing after a day of fishing.

FISHING:  The bonefishing was outstanding. The best I've had anywhere yet ("anywhere" is Acklins and South Andros).  Lots of fish - singles, triples, and schools.  I poached on one school for over an hour, picking off fish after fish. Very few of the fish were under 5 pounds. Not your typical schoolies!  I never encountered another fisherman in any of the spots I ventured to from Lantern Head on the southeast coast (accessible only by boat) to the Lagoon at roads end on the northeast coast..  One of the unique aspects of Inagua is the huge interior lake system, connected to the Morton Salt Company canals. pumps, and pond operations.  The lake and its canals hold ladyfish, snapper, tarpon, barracuda, snook, and bones. The winds kept the lake in a froth while i was there, but i jumped one tarpon and had several others whoosh at the fly.   I think a better knowledge of the winds and pumping schedules will make a 
big difference in location selections and success with the tarpon...but it was fun riding the dike-like roads around the lake looking for rolling fish.  did i mention the flamingoes, the nineteenth century 
lighthouse, or lovely roselle?  i reckon you'll have to discover them yourself."
Jeff Miller
Greenville, NC

"Thx Vince-trip was a total success in my view. Great fishing, great company, and a very unique environment to fish for and "catch" indelible memories! Will talk to you guys soon and send some pictures."
Ian Mccormick
Ridgefield, CT

"I had a wonderful time on the trip with everyone and the fishing was great.  Lots of memories, including falling into the lake, to keep me going until next year!  Good fishing and best regards, Joe."
Joe Didomenico
Buffalo, NY

"Hi Henry, Greetings from Tucson!  It's taken awhile to catch up on work.  Here's a report on our trip:

My Dad and I recently returned from our second fishing trip to Great Inagua, Bahamas.  This time we tried a DIY (do-it-yourself) package hosted by Henry Hugh.  We enjoyed the trip greatly and highly recommend the arrangements.

The fishing was excellent.  We landed over 50 bonefish and had many hours of action on either side of low tide.  During the high tide lulls, we caught barracuda, ladyfish and jacks.  We did not, however, catch any tarpon.  We went to the well marked spots on the maps provided, but, perhaps on account of the heavy winds (up to 35 MPH for several days) and low water levels, the inland water was muddy milk chocolate brown.  We never even saw a tarpon roll.  The barracuda were fast-twitch muscle fun:  short sprints and great leaps.

Henry Hugh was a most excellent host.  He was genuinely interested in making sure that we were comfortable, well fed and into good fishing.  It was an adventure to drive the Ford Bronco on the island's rocky/sandy roads and Henry spent some time making sure that we didn't get lost.  Henry is also a very good chef:  We enjoyed conch ceviche (salad), grouper and jerked chicken.

The best fishing was at the Lone Palm tree.  Flats go out in either direction for a half mile or more.  Classically beautiful hard sand flats for stalking and catching bones.  Our most productive day was a guided boat trip up a nearby stream.  The bonefish there are especially hungry and unsophisticated (some might say "stupid" even).  Probably a result of not being pressured much.

The only flats fishing disappointment was the Lighthouse Flat.  Much like on our last trip here, this expansive, picturesque flat was devoid of bones.

We experienced a few hurdles (high winds, muddy water and several broken fly rods at the Inagua airport, apparently the baggage truck drove directly over the packed rods, breaking the metal cases and snapping the rods (fortuitously we were carrying a few extras)), but Mr. Hugh helped us overcome those problems and allowed us to have a great fishing trip.  The value for this trip is excellent.  We spent less than we did a few years ago and had a much better fishing experience.  We highly recommend the Inagua Outback Lodge."

                                                                                                           Tony Payson--Tucson, Arizona

"Vince, thank you for introducing me to the spectacular opportunity Inagua offers to the DIY flyfisher, to wade for and hook big Bones and Tarpon in the same day! Our accommodations were convenient, clean and well tended; the food was fresh and plentiful; and all of the people we met were friendly and delighted we were there. But above all, the vast flats we had to ourselves day after day made the trip remarkable. I have been to other islands in the Bahamas, and this was well worth the visit. I plan to go back!"

                                                                                                           Randy Oppenheimer--Buffalo, NY

"Hi my name is Lew Abad and I fish with Vince Tobia on a regular basis. I have fished Great Inagua a few times now and the island is by far the most productive I've been to in the Bahamas.  We fished for a great variety of fish which included bonefish, tarpon, barracuda jacks and more.  The island is not only is a great fishery but exploring it is also an adventure. We did lots of exploring to find new spots to fish and were rewarded with excellent fishing. The people, the accommodations and the food were great.  I will be returning to Great Inagua every chance I get!"
Lew Abad--Buffalo, NY

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