Guided Trips FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our guided trips.  After you book your trip, we will provide a trip checklist via e-mail.  

Do I need to bring any fishing gear or equipment?  
That is entirely up to you.  While we can provide all the rods, reels and flies necessary, if you have a favorite rod you want to use or a special fly you’d like to try, you should bring them along!  It is best to bring your own waders and wading boots.   

How should I dress?  
Breathable layers are important!  From head to toe, bring along several different pairs of socks, long underwear, fleece, a stocking cap and a baseball hat.  
Western New York weather during the fall, winter and spring can be very unpredictable and  temperatures can fluctuate greatly from early morning to afternoon.  This is where layers come in handy, as you never know what mother nature has in store.  

What weight rods do you use?  
A 10’ 7-weight rod works very well for most situations we encounter, although depending on the rod you could also use a 6 or 8 Weight.   Switch rods are very popular and effective as well, in 6-8 weight.  If you would like to bring a spey rod for our larger streams, we recommend a 6-8 weight as well. 

I’m going to tie some of my own flies and bring them along.  What do you recommend?  
On any given day we might use egg patterns, nymphs or streamers.  When you book your trip we'll send you a packing list with some suggested fly patterns.    

Will I need ‘spikes’ on the bottom of my wading boots? 
YES!  In some situations you can get away with not having them, but we HIGHLY recommend them!  If you don’t have a pair with spikes, we will gladly lend some to you – just let us know a few days before the trip.  A wading staff is also helpful.  We can provide one if needed, but it's best to bring your own if you have one.

Right Hand vs. Left Hand Retrieve Reels  
All of our reels are normally set up as left hand retrieve.  However,  we can provide you with a right handed reel for your trip.  Please let us know in advance so we can have the reel ready for you.

Online Fishing Licenses
You will need to obtain a New York State fishing license.    You may chose to buy your license online.  Listed below is the link for New York.   Additionally there are many authorized License vendors, including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Gander Mountain, Dicks and some bait shops where you can purchase fishing licenses in state. 

To purchase an Online Fishing License for New York, go to

CCO Fly Fishing Guided Trips Checklist

Polarized Sunglasses


Wading Boots WITH Spikes


Light Jacket/Windbreaker

Extra Fleece Outerwear

Extra Socks

Long Underwear

Fly Rod/Reel (Optional)

Flies (Optional)

Fishing Vest/Chest Pack (Optional)

Camera if desired (we will take photos of your catch and send them to you)

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