Steelhead Testimonials

"Vince, great trip with Nick last week!!! I had an awesome time, and we caught some great fish. Hopefully some of the photos will make the end of season highlight reel! Nick is an awesome guide, and I am always learning new tidbits of information from him while we are on the water. I am definitely looking forward to future trips with CCO. Hope all of you enjoy the upcoming holidays."
                                                                                            George Mulligan--Fall 2022

"Hi Vince, glad to have had the chance to meet you along the river. I had a great time with Chris and Rick. Looking at the Gowanda gauge is a part of my daily routine now — already scheming for another trip to the Catt and Zoar Valley."
                                                                                            Todd Ringler--Fall 2022

"Vince my trip was great. Nick was great to fish with for a day. I’ll have to look at my calendar soon and book some times for next fall. Thanks again. Dave."
                                                                                            Dave Dobrzynski--Fall 2022

​"Hey Vince, we had a great time with Rick this weekend, he's a great guide. Thanks again and I'll be in touch next year!"
                                                                                           Daniel Fry--Fall 2022

"Rick and Nick were awesome!  Great peeps and guides.  You have a top shelf org. Thank you."
                                                                                            Jeff Fagnan--Fall 2022

"Vince-we had a great time, largely due to Rick driving us down to Chautauqua Creek where the water was fishable. I have not been with a guide more hard-working, creative, and professional.  CCO is part of our family calendar now."                                                Ray Schimmer--November 2019

"Vince, we really enjoyed our stay in the cabin and appreciate the thought and effort that went into what you have created.   Damon is a first rate with great communication skills and pleasure to be in the company of.  If you could only get the Catt to cooperate!  We look forward to coming again soon.  Thanks again!"                                                                    John Fox--Fall 2019

"Vince, we had a great trip despite not being able to fish the Cat. 18 mile creek was great though and Nick is a courteous and informative guide. The cabin was also very nice. Thanks!"
                                                                                           Jesse Nolan-November 2019

"Hi Vince, I just wanted to let you know I had a great time yesterday. Kevin was an amazing guide and a great guy to spend the day with. I could not have asked for more. It was a great experience and I will definitely be back again. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We encountered plenty of people on the river and it seemed that I was having the most successful day despite never fishing for steelhead, nevertheless swinging for them. He had me on fish on the third cast. The whole experience was better than I could've ever anticipated. Thanks for setting me up with such a great guide. I am definitely hooked on steelhead fishing after this.  Thanks again!"
                                                                                            Sean Gibbs-Fall 2019

"Hello Vince!  I want to thank you again for your work that culminated in this amazing last day on the swing. i'm still on a little cloud thinking about those grabs!  Will you be sending the last day pictures as well? I bet yes, and they will go straight to the wall of fame!  Thanks again and looking forward to cross paths again!"                                                          Raphael Victor--November 2019

"Vince, we had a great trip. I finally got my lake trout, but more impressive was a steelhead from the Niagara that was several pounds bigger than my previos best. My son Mike got a great introduction to steelheading Including a ten pounder at Sandy. More importantly he learned the snap T and the double spey. On the way home he talked about getting his preteen son and daughter into steelheading when they are a little older.   Nick was great as always. He is a patient and effective casting instructor, works hard to make his clients successful and great company.   A really wonderful trip. I look forward to fishing with you and Nick next year.  Best wishes for the holidays. Thanks, Paul Meeshey."  November 2019

"Great time Vince!  Great guides and I enjoyed the company.  Will do it again." 
Chris Strongosky--October 2018

"Vince, I had a great day fishing with Rick. He's an awesome guide and a great guy to just shoot the bull with.  Thanks to his expertise, we were able to net 7 steelhead. Attached are a couple of photos from the day.  Thanks again, Ed!"
Ed Fannon--November 2018

"Vince, that fishing was awesome, only wish we had more time out there.  Will highly recommend.
Cheers, Pearce."Pearce Erensel--November 2018

"Wonderful trip and great instruction!"                                             Giorgios Bidales--October 2018

"Thanks Vince - I had a great time on the water with Tom - he’s super knowledgeable and a true Pro!   I’ll be looking to set up a trip with me and my son next year."
DC Southworth--November 2018

"Vince, Sheila and Sharon -- Jeanetta and I can't thank you enough for the awesome day. Great company, wonderful teachers and a beautiful setting. Who can ask for more? I think we caught the fishing bug hard yesterday, and are looking forward to some more fishy days with you. Thanks again!"

Adam and Jeanetta Bryant--April 2018

"Vince, now that I'm back home in Virginia, the fact that i caught 12 steelheads in the two days spent with you has finally started to sink into my head. It's a fact that was possible because of your expertise in spotting trout and knowing areas to find them. My wife was also glad you were so courteous in assisting me up and down hills and through fast running water. I will definitely be back to catch the ones I missed this time. Thanks!"
              Bill Cassells--April 2018

"Thanks Vince - I really enjoy our outings!  You are great to be with.  I'll book 4 days for next year.  I'll pick dates and get back to you." 
Dick Gernold-Fall 2017

"Hi Vince, just leaving the cabins.  All was good.  Fishman and Nick were great!  Can't wait for the spring.  Thanks again, Ben."
Ben Birstonas--Fall 2017

"Hi Vince, I had a great trip with Chris. He is a very good guide plus we hooked at least 8 fish but I only landed two. The big one got away after it wrapped my line around a stump. It was also great to see some new water. I am sure I will come back in the fall again next year.  Thanks!"
 Len Presutti-- Fall 2017

"Vince had a great day with chris last friday!  Take care."
Mark Rotsaert-Fall 2017

"Vince, Tom was great.  We had a very good day.  Thanks gain and I look forward to fishing with CCO and Tom again next fall."
 Dennis Reilly--November 2017

"Vince, he (Fishman) is the best.  Spent time with Joey and got him into fish.  A really good guy and guide.  Thank you!"
Joe Marchese--spring 2017

"Vince, I had a great time.  The cabin was great, the fish cooperative, and the streams were beautiful.  The Cat and 18 Mile are really treasures.  I also really enjoyed fishing with you and Nick.  I definitely want to return in the fall.  I will be retired so my schedule is flexible.  If possible, I would like to fish at one day with a single handed rod and maybe two days with spey tackle.  I would  like to fish with both you and Nick.  I would like to come late enough to have a chance at a brown.  Let me know what you recommend in terms of availability at the cabin and your and Nick's schedules.  I have been showing the pictures to all my friends and family and anyone else I happen upon.  Thanks!"
Paul Anderson--spring 2016

"Vince, it was one of those crazy fantastic days. We talked about how much we enjoyed being out with you. At the most, until next year. Spectacular day!"
               Marc Leblanc--Spring 2016

"Hi Vince, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience from the steelhead camp. Nick and Tom were wonderful people to spend time with, your fishery was second to none, and the cabin was like home away from home. Again, thank you Vince!"         
                          Paul Meshey -Fall 2015

"I had such a great experience the guides were the best I have ever had including high end lodges. I hope you set up more steelhead camps I plan to be a regular thank you so much."

   Frank Carillo--Fall 2015

"Vince,  Thanks for an amazing day yesterday! I appreciate your patience and guidance. I really couldn't have asked for a better day!   All the best,   Scott Socha"

"Vince, I had a great time fishing with Kevin on 18 mile.  He was very patient with me and taught me a lot.  I would recommend him to others as a guide.  I didn't actually land a fish but saw lots and lots of steelhead and two spawning salmon.  Kevin was more excited about the salmon than anything and we had one go for a fly but snapped the line in just a few seconds.  Then they disappeared.  They were real dark colored, they are phantom salmon in my opinion because they truly disappeared where there was no place to hide.  We were persistent and eventually I had at least 7 steelhead on the line fighting for quite sometime. They are not easy fish to get to net which I guess is why they are exciting to fish with a fly.  I look forward to more attempts on 18 mile now that I have some new skills and knowledge. Thanks, Colin"

Colin Ozanne

"Vince, thanks for everything, you have really great people working with you!   If you could fwd. my email to Tom and Nick to send pics from them that would be great. Expect repeat business from us, it was a great 2 days.   best,  rick."
Rich Schlarb

"Vince—E.mailed Rick last week to express my thanks.  I had hoped he might put my two brothers—each of them just starting out-- on to fish.  He not only did that, but he had them hooked up simultaneously at one point, and by the end of a very active morning each of them had landed a fish.  Being a guide is easy when fish are hitting, but in the afternoon, when they weren’t, Rick remained patient, affable, competent and hard-working.   Cabins were clean and satisfactory in every respect."

Ray Schimmer

"Hi Vince, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience from the steelhead camp. Nick and Tom were wonderful people to spend time with, your fishery was second to none, and the cabin was like home away from home."
Paul meshey

"I had such a great experience, the guides were the best I have ever had, including high end lodges.  I hope you set up more steelhead camps as I plan to be a regular,  thank you so much!"

Frank Carillo

"Vince, We had a great time and Tom did a great job guiding us. We enjoyed fishing the Cattaraugus. We'll definitely be back. Perhaps, we will come a little earlier next time.   Regards" 

Fabio Malaspina
Rockwell Automation

"Thanks for the follow up Vince- was a great outing! Saw different waters, different presentations and Mike worked hard to get us on the best opportunities- still want to get on the Catt one of these days!"

 James F. Negrelli 
Pepper Pike, OH

"Vince, Fishman did get great - upbeat, helpful, friendly guy - fun to be with.  Will be back and Rick is always a preferred guide in my book.    Regards"
Dick Barnett
Spotsylvania, Va

"Vince, Although slightly belated, I wanted to thank you for the trip we took three weeks ago on 10/11. It was great getting into so many great fish so quickly. I appreciate you making the time for the 4 hours session. 
Although they aren't that much different from trout, I learned a great deal from our 4 hour session.  I believe confidence is truly a underrated trait when fly fishing. With your guide service, you helped me gain confidence for future steelhead trips.

Thank you again. If I'm ever looking for a guide again (or cabins) you will be the first person I call!  Go Bills!"
Mark Byrne

"Vince,  thanks for setting me up with Mike. Had a great day. We were pretty fortunate on the day. Wed nesday was chocolate milk and friday was extremely low and clear…managed to catch some nice fish despite my lack of skill."
Al  Mcclymonds

"What a great group of guides you have Vince! Great people and I learned a ton! I would love to go with you next time I come up. Hopefully you can get me on some kings! I will have to keep in touch with you to see when the best dates in the near future will be to do that. Is there a fishing update you send to clients to keep in touch? I would love to get one of those every now and then. I would also love to go for big browns too! I will be back very soon! Please keep in touch. Thanks again for a great weekend!  Sincerely,"
Sean Olenek-Orlando, FL

"Hi Vince, Thank for the pics and thank even more for a great trip.  The guys liked Rick and you were great.  We were able to say "we slew them" for the first time as a group.  Over 50 fish hooked and over 30 landed.  A real memorable trip with some memorable fish.  The cabin was comfortable too."  
Dave Hanley

"Thanks Vince.  On Saturday we got a late jump on the river. We drove up Thursday night straight to meet Mike and fished all day on no sleep.   But we had a great day- we managed almost 15 steelhead between the four of us.  I will send you pics of a few real nice ones when I get them downloaded.  We can't thank you enough again for the cabin and overall experience.  I've think we've fished the Salmon River for our last time and will be focusing all of our trips in the future on the Steelhead Alley.  If you ever need a reference for anything, do not hesitate to ask.  We look forward to fishing the Catt with you sometime soon.  Wish you a great fishing season.  Best Regards,  Jeff."
Jeff Cordisco

"Vince, Just want to thank you for pairing me up with Mike for my 1 1/2 day Steelhead trip.  This was my first steelhead trip to western NY and it was great.  Mike put me on fish even though conditions were pretty rough.  it was a great experience and i look forward to returning for future trips.   thanks again.  Jim"

Jim Paris

"Vince –I wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our weekend in New York.  ( 9/27-9/28 )  The cabins are beautiful and we found it to be very relaxing.  Although we were a bit too early for Steelhead, we still did some fishing and even had a little luck!  We’ll be back again!    Thanks!" 
Beth & Bob Nicklas

"Vince, we had a great time and a comfortable stay in your cabin. Tom was GREAT and we really enjoyed having him guide us. We all landed fish both days...not a lot...but were happy we had options when we saw the condition of the Catt."
Mary Gibney
Berwyn PA

"Vince as always thanks for the professionalism. You work hard to get us into fish. I don't know about the other guys but i liked the Niagara River, those "other types" of fish were not as angry as steel head but they were fun for the day."
George Gallivan
Mansfield MA

"Vince, I wanted you to know we had a great couple days with Michael. He was a patient teacher and we got the hang of it by the second day and each landed 12-15 fish. You guys have a great fishery and I will send my customers your way. Thanks again for your help.  Best, Peter."
Peter Jenkins

"Vince, Thanks for the pictures!  I’m already looking forward to next year!  I appreciate how hard you work to get us into fish and to keep me on my feet!  You and the guys make this trip the highlight of my fishing season.  Have a great holiday with your family.  See you next October."  
Lou Mazza
Rhode Island

"Hey Vince, thanks for a great day yesterday ....never fished for steelhead sight fishing, crouching down and no weight or indicator...learned much...unbelievable!  Just observing the fish and their behavoir was fasicinating.  Mike and I caught some beautiful fish thanks to you and your skill and patience. Thanks for photos, really nice.  Good luck today, enjoy weekend. Your friend, Sheila"
Sheila Ditullio--Buffalo NY

"Hi Vince,  Everything was first class.  Our guide Rick was great and really worked his tail off.  I know the fishing was slower than you and I would have liked but those fish that we did hook in to were really spectacular.  Hope we can do this again next year and I do have British Columbia/Elk river on my bucket list.  Thanks!"
Dan Resenic

"Vince, Everything went well during my trip on Saturday. Jake is a pleasant young gentleman, who worked diligently to put me on fish. I learned a great deal about the fishery and the art of Steelhead fishing. You certainly have a beautiful section of stream. I want to thank you and Jake for making my first experience fishing for steelhead in WNY both enjoyable and memorable. I will, without a doubt, be back! Thanks again!"
Donald E. Walker

"Vince, Thanks for a great trip!  Mark and I really enjoyed the day, you were very helpful, informative and definitely patient.   We both left feeling that we had learned from your guidance and have a better appreciation for what it takes to have a productive day on these smaller streams.  We both feel that the information you provided will help us to be better anglers going forward.   The location was beautiful, the 'wild' section of the oatka is definitely a place to which we will return.  Lots of nice water, great scenery, 
and a sense of seclusion that you don't find when you stay 'too close to the bridges'.  That is the experience that Mark and I most enjoy and you provided just what we were after.   All in all a great experience for both of us.   Thanks again!"
Paul Rogers-Amherst, NY 

"We had a good time. Although the fishing conditions were not ideal we learned a lot.  Jason was a great guide and shared a wealth of knowledge, tips and techniques.  We still look forward to getting into the Zoar Valley,next fall.    kindest regards,"
            Bob Biggie

"Vince,  many thanks for a truly wonderful day. I am in love with the Zoar valley and fly fishing! I am just kicking myself wondering why I never did it before. Vince you are a wonderful, patient teacher. The views were absolutely spectacular and I loved every minute of it from the hike, wading through the streams, learning to cast, and seeing and holding those beautiful fish! You and David have a convert and I look forward to many more days. I also shared my experience with a great friend and she is also excited to give it a try. I will have David coordinate the details when he book some dates with you for the spring. Many thanks again for a fantastic day!"
Grace Munschauer

"Dear Vince and Kevin, I just want to thank you both for the great day we had last Sunday.  My son Isaac and I had a blast ...I have never hooked a fish as big as these beauties and am definitely going to be back ...soon.  Kevin was a delightful and very informative guide.  We learned alot from his suggestions on technique..and we got to see some very beautiful spors on Chautauqua Creek...  Again...thanks for all your help and work to make it a memorable trip...My son has not stopped talking about the one that got away:)   All my best"
Michelle Brownstein DVM

"Vince,  Thank you for the trip!!  I had a great time…and if the conditions were tough, I’ll gladly come back again.  Rick took great care of us, fed us well (better than I get at home), and made sure we were having fun.  I couldn’t have asked for a better couple of guys to fish with in John & Don.  Hope to come back soon!"
Bob Heitman

"Vince, Thanks for the great trip!  Rick is a great guide who really knows his stuff. I look forward to coming back in the future. Thanks again."
 Steve P.

"Vince, We all had a great time.  You did a fabulous job.  Ed was nice to be with as well on Tuesday. 
Your accommodations were very nice and comfortable.  Thanks Vince, I look forward to using you again. Appreciate the pics."
Lee Woodring

"Vince, I had an amazing day and a half with Ed.  This was my first steelhead experience and Ed was a great teacher.  He told me that the fishing had been slow this year but he still put me into fish on both days.  I hooked 9, landed 5 on the first day and hooked 5 and landed 3 on the half day.  His pleasant personality made it a joy to spend a day and half with him on the water. It was an amazing experience and I want to come back again."
Mark Wittman

"Vince, Tony and I want to thank you for a great time this weekend on the Cat.  “Fish” was a terrific guide and was fun to be around.  It was my first steelhead experience and he really helped me better understand the tactics and techniques.  I’m hooked!  We’ll be back next year.  We ended up getting into some fish on Saturday night and then some big fish on Sunday morning."
John Kollmeier

"Hi Vince,  I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for a great fishing experience the other day on Chautauqua Creek.  Not only did you take us to a beautiful creek that we were able to hike, we caught some beautiful fish, and learned a lot about fishing a creek like that. Just as importantly, you were a pleasure to be with – helpful and enjoyable to share the day with.  Thanks again and best of luck with the rest of the season."
                                                                                                           Andre Marquis 

"Vince, We had a great day fishing with Rick.  He was a good guide and worked hard to help us be successful.  I guess that we were less than apt pupils though, anyway, I will count him as fishing friend, which I do not do lightly.  Given the current weather and fishing conditions, his selection of Oak Orchard Creek was a good one.  Roy and I returned to O. O. the next day and put together all the tips that Rick passed along and had a good day.  I netted and 25" L X 14.75" girth brown and later in the day, netted another 25" brown."  
Paul Mckee

"Here are pictures of the 2 biggest steelhead that I caught with Dave Guest yesterday doing the NY Steelhead thing. I caught (landed) over 25 fish yesterday some dark, but also a lot of fresh fish. It was really cold but was also an incredible day!  PS – Vince – I can not compliment Dave enough for the great job guiding me over the last 2 days. I have fished all over the world with a lot of different guides and he is as good as it gets both personally and professionally. He was really flexible with the changing conditions and read me like a book as how best to help and teach me about your outstanding fishery. I will do my best to recommend him to as many people as I can and look forward to fishing the “Cat” with him next year."        Barry D Heller

"Vince, we had a fabulous trip. Caught a lot of nice fish. And, as ever, really enjoyed fishing with Ed. He's a super guide and a true gentleman.  Flora has some pics. I'm sure she'll send some on to you when she has some time.  Best,  Donna." Donna Trexler

"Vince, as always it was great fishing with you.... You always provide topnotch service and trophy fish... Looking forward to seeing the photos...     Thx,  Ryan"Ryan Neiber

"Vince, Rick is a great guide and I had an awesome day.  I hope in the future to use him again when I am up this way during the steelhead runs.  Again Thank You."               Chip Hidinger

"Vince, I think you know we had a couple of very good days on the Cat. Jason does an excellent job with being attentive. He put us on a couple pops of big fish that were taking the flies. Both guides are good at what they do. I'm going to plan another trip next year."                       Herb Churchill

"Thanks again for a wonderful time and your patience with me! I'll be working on mending and looking for the upstream guys line better! I can't complain about the day I had yesterday...those three fish in the last hour were pretty cool...and just when I had mentioned to Bob that I didn't think the fish were as active as they had been in the on!  Appreciate your help...and efforts."
    Dee Lehman

"Thanks again for your help with our trip.  We had a great time fishing with Jason, he really helped Katie out with her casting and line control, etc.  Jason has a great personality for guiding.  We were impressed with the quality of the fish we caught.  We worked hard to catch the few that made it to hand but we also understand the need for the right weather and water conditions.  Hopefully we can plan a trip with you guys at a better time next season."Matt Baker

"Vince;  I had the pleasure of staying at the camp on the evenings of 10/20 and 10/21 and fishing on the 21st and 22nd with Dave and Ed.  I just wanted to let you know what a great experience, myself and my friend, Joe Alberico had.  Even though the conditions of the Catt were not the best, Dave and Ed worked very hard to put us onto fish.  We were able to find lots of fish at Canadaway, and also caught some fish at 18 mile.  I thought Dave and Ed were great hosts, and really knew how to help us catch fish!  I would certainly recommend your camp and these guides for anyone.  Thank you.  I had a great time!"
Dale R. Peter

"Vince, I want to thank you for providing us with first class accomadations having the Catt pretty much at our doorstep.  My father Frank , my brother Ken , along with myself had a wonderful time last week with an outstanding stretch of weather, rare for Western NY this time of year. I think we all came back with a sun tan.  We could all appreciate the care and attention to detail you have put into the cabin and property, we would not hesitate to stay there again as well as try out another trip that you offer.  I appreciate your level of professionalism and timely responses in answering my questions and concerns.
Here are some of the highlights from our trip.  We all used custom fly rods, namely switch and spey rods that I build.  Tied a lot of flies while I was there with bunny speys and buggers being very productive on the swing.  There are some amazing runs and pools on your property and many of them held some energetic steelhead.  We were delighted to find good numbers of fish present in the river with a nice mix of fresh and darker fish.  Some of the bigger males had some nice color but were getting really dark as you will see in the pictures. 
We ran into Ed Luba on Saturday morning, he introduced himself  and seemed like a great fellow with a love for fly fishing.  We enjoyed our stay and wished that our time there did not pass so quickly, but we are already anticipating the next time we visit.  If there are any openings in the fall, even as late as December,please  let us know and we will possibly plan another trip to the Catt.  The fish and the weather really cooperated on this trip and it was a pleasure fishing on your property.
Have a great time in the Bahamas, I'm sure you'll have some great photos to share.  Thank you."                                                                                                                         Dan Messercola
                                                           SteelieDan Custom Rods

"Hi Vince: I fished this past Sun and Mon with Dave Guest.  I give him high marks as a guide.  He was friendly and courteous.  I had a great time, learned a lot and caught some nice fish.  I plan on coming back, perhaps in the fall.  FYI, I'm also potentially interested in your bonefishing trips and will contact you if/when I'm ready to book. Regards." Chris Miller, Pennington  NJ

"Vince: Thanks ever so much for allowing my friend and I to fish on your new property with Ed Sunday morning.
My friend is an avid fisherman, mostly saltwater, and lives on Cape Cod.   He is a member of the Cape Angler’s Club and hears guys talk of stripers on a fly rod, but had new held a fly rod in his life.
Well, that all changed Sunday morning.  I hooked him up with Ed, and got out of the way.  Hysterically, Ed made one demo cast to show my friend how you cast a fly rod, and threw it literally maybe 10’ into the water, and of course hooked one 3 seconds after it hit the water.  Always book a lucky guide !!   
By the end of the day, you would never have known my friend had never used a fly rod.  He caught four I think in the morning, and hooked a number of fish.  Vince, professional help in a case like that really works.   How lucky we are to get to fish with one of the finest fly fisherman in Western New York, and to boot, get to fish private land during opening weekend of deer season.  Most importantly, I can most surely rely on seeing my friend here next year for the steelies.  He is completely bonkers over it.  He may even meet us in Roscoe next year for the Beaverkill trip.  Thanks to both you and Ed.  Wow….those new “high tech” nets are really nice, and seem really easy on the fish."     Thomas S. McDaniel, Buffalo  NY

"Hey Vince, I have done some great fishing in my life and the rush that I had today was unbelievable!!! Your patience and attention to detail was second to none. There is no doubt that you know the "CAT" river like the back of your hand. I was always told that landing your first STEEEEEEEELIE was the hardest. You put me on to more that 8 today and I am sure there was more!!!! Thanks for helping me catch not only my first steelhead but my second and third!!!!!!!! 
It was great and I am sure we will try to tame the "CATT" another day with your help. CHEERS!!!! "

Greg Blanchard, Toronto

"Vince, We had an absolute ball fishing. The fishing holes were beautiful, the results were great and we learned a lot (although you probably don't want to take much credit for my technique). It was everything we hoped for and we are definitely in for next year. By the way we all slept late on Sunday, we were beat. 
Thanks for the pictures, they were great. Thanks again for a great time, they are family memories that will live forever." 
Mike Ohweiler, Colden NY

"Vince, Just a belated note to sincerely thank you for the wonderful time you provided last Saturday. I'm gradually recovering from the exertion but the current pain was well worth it. It was an experience that I will always treasure and you were the main reason for it happening. Mike, Paul and I never stopped talking about the trip through Sunday night when we left Mike's house. I've shown the pictures to almost everyone in town and at work. We are all eagerly awaiting the next outing. Again Vince you did a super job and you have our deepest gratitude.   Continued Good Fishing."
Don De Clerck, Rochester  NY 

"Vince, just wanted to drop you a quick mail and thank you for the use of the cabin.  All went well and we enjoyed our stay very much.  Next time we'll make more of a stay at it and use the kitchen for eating.  Dave Guest suggested, and we found the Zoar Valley Inn (?), or whatever the bar is on Hammond Hill Road, which was great!  Thank you very much.
And, glowing reviews and praise for Dave Guest who went well beyond the call of duty and made sure to show us a good time.  The second guy who came along has fished with me off and on for the past 23 years on the Salmon River, but he'll be the first to confess that he has not really ever gotten the hang of fishing, and in fact, never caught touched steelhead.  Dave's insightful tutoring on Friday totally changed that!  On his own the second day, he continued his success of hooking and landing more fish, and in fact almost landed a HUGE male, dark red on its flank that I saw after a 5 minute battle when he finally showed himself with a roll on the surface while dislodging the fly.  My friend Terry was introduced to a whole new thrill in his life thanks to Dave!  The water level and clarity were perfect, which of course made the fishing on both days exceptional.  All around, we lucked out!
I plan on trying to sell the concept of booking your cabin again same time next year to a few of my friends, so hope to be in touch again in the not so distant future.  Take care and thanks again."
 Rob Wennersten

"Hi Vince, I know your not back yet but I wanted to thank you for a wonderful fly-fishing trip out West. I could never describe in words how much I enjoyed the trip, I have always wanted to go and it lived up to all my expectations. I will always remember the quietness of the one hill top/valley on our way to the "Dearborn" and of course the Browns, Cutts and Rainbows. I thank you and God for giving me the privilege to see and experience such beautiful country. Your friend, Sheila." 
Sheila Ditullio, Buffalo NY

"Vince, what a wonderful day spent yesterday!  Your guidance was outstanding, your patience extraordinary!  Debi and I had a most enjoyable time and will want to do another fishing expedition in the future.  We like the sound of fishing in the tropics, although we might have to drag our husbands along on that kind adventure.  We will certainly recommend your guides to all, as we will be talking of this for days to come!   Thanks again for a memorable and fun day."             
Kathy Sayadoff--Buffalo, NY              

"Dear Vince, thank you for letting us to use your streamside cabin.We head a great time and we will surely come back.Your place is like a heaven for fisherman.
Thank you again.    HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
Ziggy and Grace Weresa

"This Tuesday and Wednesday I fished with Ed Luba for steelhead. I just wanted to say what a pure pleasure it was. The teaching was well worth the time, energy and price. It would have taken me many trips and lots of frustration to learn what Ed taught me the first day.  What a pure pleasure he is to fish with.  Thanks so very much."
Tom McDaniel--Buffalo, NY

"Vince, got all the pictures they look good.  Thanks for taking us out the trip was a lot of fun.  You gave us 110% and that is all you can ask for in a guide.   I would recommend you to anyone.  I am already looking forward to next year. We will  see you at the show and book up some dates.  Maybe we will do October next year  and hopefully we can fish the Catt.  Let us know if  we should book something before the show due to availability.  Thanks once again and we will see you @ Somerset."

Mike Mikulicz--New Jersey

"Dear Vince, I had a great day on the water with you and Ed. You are a terrific guide who really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend your services and if I had more time off I would like to go back this year. I recieved the wonderful pictures and was wondering if there was any more. Let me know and thanx again Michael Lenihan." 
Mike Lenihan--New York

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