Travel Info/Tips

You must have a passport to travel to and from the Bahamas



(1) Take any airline to Nassau then take Southern Air (242-377-2014) or Bahamasair to Governors Harbour. Be aware that Southern Air has a 50 lb. baggage allowance. However Southern Air has 3 flights daily and is very reliable. 

(2) Take any airline to Fort Lauderdale then take Twin Air (954-359-8989), Lynx Air (888-596-9247) or Continental Airlines to Governors Harbour. Twin Air will not accept reservations unless within 3 months of departure. They have a 50 lb. baggage allowance. They are not on any travel agents computer. You must call and make reservations yourself. 


(1) Fly to Nassau, stay overnight and take the Bahamasair (242-377-8451) flight on Wednesday or Saturday morning. (242-377-0354).  

To book a private charter out of Ft. Lauderdale use Twin Air (954-359-8989), Lynx Air (888-596-9247) or Air Flight Charters (954-359-0320).   Very expensive however.

Airline & ferry Information 

Bahamasair              800-222-4262   

Lynx Air From Ft. Lauderdale (888-596-9247) 

Twin Air (954-359-8266) Direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Governor's Harbour on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays (7 passenger plane)

Continental/Gulfstream (800-992-8532) Every day from Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Southern Air (242-323-7217) 3 times daily from Nassau to Governors Harbour

Bahamas fast ferries (242-323-2166) has a ferry running from Nassau to Governors Harbour on Friday night leaving Nassau at 7:30 pm. and arriving Governors Harbour at 9:30 pm. 

When you make your travel arrangements your destination airport is Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas. GHB is the airport code. 

On Acklins, your destination is the Spring Point Airport on Acklins. Listen closely when flying Bahamasair as they often announce the flight to Crooked Island, but not to Acklins. You want this flight since presently the plane stops on Crooked after you are dropped off on Acklins Island. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE   Protect your time, investment, health and safety
If you want trip cancellation Insurance in the event you have to suddenly cancel.  The cost depends upon your age and the total cost of the trip. It is generally under $200 for these trips—sometimes much less. 

Passport Information
You must have a valid passport if you are leaving the United States.  

Medical Evacuation Insurance--Global Rescue
For serious health issue that may arise while you are away

CDC Traveler Health Info
Visit this website for health and safety updates for your destination    

Moon Phases
This tool displays the approximate Moon phases for a given month - now and well into the future!   This tool can be a huge help when planning saltwater flats trips and selecting your week. 

Weather Forecasts
More info on the weather patterns/norms of your intended destination

Hurricane Alerts
Stay up to date on the latest info

Tips for flying the friendly skies! 

Carry on as much as you can-reels, rods, cameras, a small box of flies, necessary medication, etc. If your checked bag doesn't make it at least you'll still have the important stuff, which may be difficult or impossible to obtain when you arrive. 
Most airlines allow you to take on 3 & 4 piece rods, some don't. It is really up to the flight crew when boarding the plane. Just be prepared to check them at the gate if they don't allow you to take 'em on the plane. That means pack rods in a durable & lockable rod holder to protect them from damage & theft, and make sure the rod holder has a securely affixed ID tag. 
If packing rods with checked luggage, try and split them up in different bags, or put one rod in a checked bag, and the others in your checked rod holder. That way if one gets lost, you'll still have something to fish with while you wait for the airlines to get you your stuff. 
Make sure your checked luggage is easily identifiable-put unique stickers on them, or tie a bandana or colored string onto a handle. This way you can spot your bag right away, and this will also discourage theft of your bag. 
Wear your wading boots on the airplane--if your luggage is lost or delayed, at least you'll have them to wade and fish effectively. 


Effective January 1, 2008, spare lithium batteries - extra batteries not installed on devices - will no longer be allowed in checked baggage. Spare lithium batteries may be packed in carry-on baggage and lithium batteries installed in a device may be packed in either checked or carry-on, as long as the battery is installed in the device. 

For more details, please visit the Department of Transportation's Safe Travel Web site  

Here is info from TSA website on fishing equipment:

Fishing Rods / Poles - Fishing Rods are permitted as carry-on and checked baggage.  However, please check with your air carrier to confirm that it fits within their size limitations for carry-on items. Ultimately, it is the carrier's decision as to whether or not it can be transported as carry-on baggage.

Tackle Equipment - Fishing equipment should be placed in your checked baggage.  Some tackle equipment can be considered sharp and dangerous.  Expensive reels or fragile tackle such as fly's should be packed in your carry-on baggage.

Items that are Prohibited in Carryon Bags 
Customers may not bring liquids or gels of any kind onboard the aircraft in their carryon baggage if they do not meet the requirements described below. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency. Items that do not meet the following specifications must be packed in checked baggage. 

Items permitted on carryon baggage 
Travel-size toiletries (three ounces or less) that fit comfortably in a single, quart-size or less, clear plastic, zip-top bag. ·Baby formula and breast milk are allowed for customers traveling with a baby or toddler.* You are encouraged to travel with only as much formula or breast milk needed to reach your destination.·Canned, jarred, or processed baby food* ·Gel or liquid-filled teethers for babies*These must be declared at the checkpoint for further screening. 

At the security checkpoint customers will be asked to remove their zip-top bag of liquids and place it in a bin or on the conveyor belt. 

You are permitted to bring solid cosmetics and personal hygiene items (lipstick, lip balm and similar solids). Please remember these items must be solid and not liquid, gel or aerosol. Please see other TSA guidelines for customers with prescription liquid medications and other liquids/gels needed by persons with disabilities and medical conditions. 

After clearing security, travelers may bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board the aircraft. 

Please allow additional time for check in at the airport to allow sufficient time to go through the security checkpoint. 

Packing List 

*9’-10’ rods from 7 to 9 weight 
*Corrosion resistant reels loaded w/floating weight forward saltwater taper fly line w/ 150+ yards of #20 backing 
*extra line & backing 
*Tapered 8-15lb leaders from 9’ to 12’; 8-15lb tippet material 

OTHER SPECIES (barracuda, jacks, tarpon, sharks) 
*9’-10’ rods in 9-10wt 
*Corrosion resistant reel loaded w/ floating weight forward saltwater taper fly line w/ 200+yds of #30 backing 
*Tapered 15-20lb leaders; 15-20lb tippet material; 40-100 lb shock tippet material 
*wire leader material 
*Spinning tackle (optional)—7-8 ft med. Action rod, quality spinning reel with capacity for 250-300 yds of 10-14lb mono; green tube lures, bucktail jigs; 4-6” surface poppers; Steel leaders 

*Pliers for removing hooks/cutting wire 
*Flies: shrimp, gotchas, crazy charlies, puffs, bonefish clousers, bonefish specials, epoxy shrimp.(NO FLY SHOPS ON ELEUTHERA) 
*Various streamers/poppers for barracudas, sharks and jacks 
*hook sharpener 
*line cleaner 
*nail knot tool (large paperclip) 
*Fanny pack/chest pack 

*Passport (MANDATORY) and photocopy 
*Driver’s License 
*Credit cards 
*Airline tickets 
*Alarm clock 
*Casual tropical attire for fishing & relaxing 
*Shorts & long pants for fishing 
*Rain jacket & pants (light shell) for rain &/or rough boat rides 
*Light pullover; wool or fleece 
*Wide brimmed or long-billed hat to protect neck & ears 
*Wading shoes or booties 
*Socks—to prevent blisters when wading 
*Sunscreen/lip balm 
*sun gloves (optional) 
*Polarized glasses w/ side-shields (copper, amber, or orange lenses) 
*Insect repellent 
*Bathing suit & snorkeling gear if desired 
*Camera & film & batteries 
*Small flashlight 
*1st aid kit 
*RX drugs 
*Cash for tips, alcohol (ATM’s are hard to find) 
*notebook & pen 
*small binoculars 
*zip lock bags & garbage bags 
*leatherman tool 
*Duct tape 
*moisturizing lotion 
*Important phone #’s 
*Beach towel 

*This list is designed to help you prepare for your adventure. Feel free to add or delete any of the above items 

Those of you who aren't expert casters should strongly consider taking a few casting lessons from a qualified instructor. This will give you a greater advantage while fishing the flats. 

saltwater flats footwear
Here is what I prefer to wear while fishing the saltwater flats.

Simms or patagonia flats boots.  These have hard soles and are high enough to protect your ankle, which is a must when wading any areas with coral.

H2Odyssey Ultra Sock 3mm neoprene booties, which I wear inside my flats boots, over bare feet.

A gravel guard worn over the boots and socks is also helpful.

This list is designed to help you prepare for your adventure.  Feel free to add or delete any of the above items.  Keep in mind that if we are hosting your trip, we will have some extra gear in the event of an emergency (broken rods, 1st aid kit, extra line, flies, etc.  .  . )  If you have any specific questions about packing, please contact us.


DRINKING WATER: The tap water at all locations may or may not be considered safe to drink. Bottled water is provided at all destinations, so use it. No sense taking any chances with the local water. 

DRESS CODE is Casual. Shirts and shoes should be worn in Restaurants. 

SNAKES & BUGS: There are no dangerous snakes in the Bahamas.   Bugs are generally not a problem, although "no-see-ums" (tiny sand flies) and mosquitoes can be bothersome in the morning & evening if there is no breeze.  Bring insect repellent in case. It helps to cover your ankles/legs if the no-see-ums/mosquitoes are out. 

Other Helpful Info

Bring plenty of cash to the islands—there are often no ATM’s or few, and most people only accept cash, not credit cards.  You do not need to exchange your $, as US dollars are on par with Bahamian $. 

Staff Gratuity
It is customary to tip the girls who cook your meals, and who clean your room each day, if this is done.  Gratuity for the cooks/kitchen help is generally $50-100/person per week.  This can be given to your host/cook at the end of your stay.  Tips for the room cleaning staff are generally $20-$40/person per week.  

Guides & Guide Gratuity
If you want to hire a guide for one or more days, it is best to arrange this with us before your trip.  If you should decide that you want a guide while on Acklins Island, you can arrange one thru your hosts.   One may or may not be available.  Guides will cost around $450 per day.  $75 extra for a third angler in the boat.   The gratuity for your guide should be given to him, is left to your discretion and should be based on his level of professionalism, his desire to put you over fish, cleanliness of his equipment, and his assistance to you throughout your day on the water. 
Industry standard suggests $35-$50 per day, per person, and this gratuity may be given daily or at the end of your stay.  

Helpful Tips—please read this carefully
Close windows while you’re out fishing during the day, especially if it’s calm outside.  Keep windows closed at night also, and use AC.  Keep your doors closed at all times to prevent insects from entering.  This will keep bugs out of your room.  When the wind is down, the mosquitoes and no-see um’s are an annoyance.

Phone Calls- subscribe to an international plan thru your carrier for a minimal cost per month. Also, you can generally have relatives call you at the lodge.   Plan accordingly if you plan to call home often.

If you have any special dietary considerations, or medical conditions, please let us know so we can alert the lodge prior to the trip.  There are no hospitals on most of the islands.  There is a nurse, and sometimes a Doctor available on many and a few Doctors on Eleuthera.  For serious medical emergencies, you will have to be flown to Nassau, or the United States.

About Weather
There are very few instances where the weather will make the water un-fishable at your destination.  Don’t spend a lot of time watching the weather before your trip.  Most inclement weather passes quickly, and all meteorologists have been proven wrong many times over.  Just bring the proper gear to deal with any inclement weather should it arise.

At most locations, no refunds or credits will be given for unused land arrangements or fishing time lost due to inclement weather, unless the conditions are extremely severe.  These instances are rare and there is no need to waste your valuable time worrying about them.

Have a great trip!!!

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